Behind the Bar: A Day with Roquita’s Manager

In the heart of Antigua’s bustling English Harbour, amidst the clinking of glasses and the aroma of coffee and smoked bacon rolls, there’s a quiet force at work—Nolanda, a pint-sized powerhouse driving Roquita’s operations.

Hailing from Dominica, Nolanda’s journey to becoming Roquita’s manager is a testament to her dedication in the hospitality industry. After studying food and beverage management and graduating with honours, Nolanda’s passion and leadership skills quickly propelled her into positions of increasing responsibility. She honed her craft during an internship at Jumby Bay before joining Sheer Rocks as a supervisor. Within a year, her stellar performance earned her a promotion to acting manager, and today, she proudly holds the reins at Roquita.

As Nolanda navigates through the rhythm of her day, from the crack of dawn to the quiet of evening, her energy and determination shine through, leaving an indelible mark on both her team and the diners she serves.

The day begins with a moment of gratitude, as she takes a pause for a prayer, before getting her daughter, thirteen-year-old Jayleen, ready for school. As Nolanda sets off for work, music blasting, she checks in on her staff, in case anybody needs a ride to Roquita.

Once at the restaurant, Nolanda dives headfirst into the hustle and bustle of service preparation. But amidst the chaos, she always finds time to nurture her creative side, brainstorming new ideas to elevate the Roquita experience. With her trusty notebook in hand, she scours for inspiration and touches base with Rocks Group’s senior management teams.

But Nolanda’s role goes beyond the confines of the restaurant walls. She also manages Rocks Group’s delivery van, and as needed, crisscrosses the island herself, ensuring that all the restaurants and departments are well-stocked and ready to serve. From Catherine’s Café to Sheer Rocks and beyond, Nolanda ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Back at Roquita, her day is far from over. With a keen eye on inventory, she meticulously manages the On-Tap cocktails and ensures that every aspect of the operation runs like a well-oiled machine. And when all is said and done, she heads home, ready to recharge for another day of making magic happen at Roquita.

Behind Nolanda’s calm demeanour lies a force to be reckoned with. Her confidence and firm resolve are matched only by her tireless work ethic and dedication to excellence. She may be small in stature, but make no mistake—Nolanda is a true powerhouse, blazing a trail of success for herself and Roquita alike.


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